At Buckland Park Lake we are blessed with nearly 50 acres of mature mixed woodland. It is mainly made up of native hardwoods, but there are also more recent additions from forestry management and Mother Nature has also played her part.

A variety of trees have been planted around the lagoon and meadow to provide shade and colour. Have a look at our nature notes and explore the different habitats, from the wet woodlands to the sandier areas elsewhere. And don’t forget our record owning Field Maple. It is the Surrey Champion – the biggest (or fattest) recorded Field Maple in Surrey. This is one of two “veterans” at Buckland Park Lake, the other being large Ash tree in the meadow to the south of the lake. 

woodland walk

Our 1km Woodland Trail starts near the ticket hut and winds through a mixture of Scots Pine, Beech and Silver Birch trees. Along the way, look out for our nature boards.

Halfway along the trail, you will come across our awesome Woodland Viking Camp. Built and managed by The Surrey Hills Adventure Company.

The trail brings you through the last woodland section and out onto the eastern bank of the lake, where you can enjoy a glorious, expansive view of the water. From there, you can choose to walk the Lake Circuit Walk, The Boathouse Walk or head back to the Picnic Lawn or Meadow.

During the trail you will pass over a stream a couple of times. This is the Shagbrook and comes with its own scary Shag Monster. More of this legend further down the page.

The Woodland Walk is a woodland path with steps at the beginning. Light buggies can pass in dry conditions but the surface is not currently suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters


Tucked in a clearing in the woods you will find The Viking Camp, complete with central campfire area, hammocks, rope swings and dens.

Built and run by The SHAC. They run pre-booked Woodland Adventure Days for children aged 6-12 during the school holidays, where children can enjoy a variety of woodland activities. 

A typical day can include den building, learning how to build and maintain a fire, working with tools on wood projects, traditional craft and bushcraft, all in the safe hands of The SHAC’s specialist Woodland leaders. Private bushcraft days, celebrations and corporate team building are also available.

For more information and to book click below.


The Lake Circuit walk can be reached by first walking the Woodland Walk, starting near the ticket office or follow the sign from the ticket hut.

The walk is a flat grassy path of approximately 2km that takes you all the way around our lake, finishing up on the meadow. Along the way you can stop and take in the peace and quiet and the serene views on the benches we have dotted along the path. If you would like to visit one of our bird hides, just follow the signs along the way.  

Nature notes are dotted along the walk. There is plenty of flora and fauna to attract your attention. 

The small islands in the north west corner of the lake are a particularly popular area for nesting birds. 


With the exciting addition of El Rucio, our four seater electric buggy, we can now offer the following services;

/ Guided tours of the park.
/ A shuttle service from the car park, to harder to reach areas of the park eg The Reverie, picnic lawn or bird hides.
/ Collection to and from our private dining pods, tucked into secluded areas of the park.  More info on dining options from The Reverie.


One hour Guided Tour / £25 for two passengers and £30 for three. 

Message us for more information or to book hello@bucklandparklake.co.uk or enquire at the ticket office.


The stream which flows through the woodland is known as the Shagbrook. Back in the eighteenth century this was a boggy, marshy area and the stuff of myth and fable. 

Legend has it that a strange, hairy monster with the head of a horse lived in the depths of the Shagbrook. The monster was the result of a failed tryst between a young man and a beautiful girl who resisted his advances.

The Buckland Shag was born and now would emerge to terrify travellers passing along the main road or on their way to the pub. He would devour his victims on a stone located a few paces from the woodland walk. Such was the fear of this monster that the stone was removed by the vicar and thrown off a cliff in Devon. Or left in the garden of Buckland Court, depending on which version of events you believe.

The Buckland Shag lives on, at least in name, in the form of the Buckland Shag Morris Dancers, who we hope will visit regularly to remind us of the old times, traditions and suspicions… 

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