Buckland Park Lake is part of Buckland Estate. The Estate founded the Buckland Sand & Silica Co Ltd in 1925. At its peak in 1978, 113 staff were employed and it was one of the largest distributors of fine silica sand in the UK. 

Buckland has had four different sand quarries, and Park Pit (now Buckland Park Lake) was the third of these, quarried from 1959 to 1990. The name ‘Park Pit’ originated from the ‘Park’ which appears on many old maps including the survey of 1854. The Park comprised grassland with some trees and landscaping and was perhaps grazed by deer, as was the custom in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

In the 30 years, since quarrying ended, nature has been left to flourish and the result is too beautiful not to share. Sand is both our heritage and the sub-strata which defines the landscape. It is the sandy beaches, the sandstone cliffs and the sandy, acidic soils supporting particular plant types and creating an almost, Mediterranean-feel. 

The striking expanse of water populated with abundant bird life and bordered by cliffs and mature mixed woodland provide the visitor with a sense of intimacy and of the unexpected: this is a ‘secret’ place.

Our vision is to provide a space that will offer enjoyment and a wellness boost for all our visitors. Whether that’s enjoying our water, our woods or our nature. Our clubs, family spaces or our food offering. We look forward to welcoming you. 

Buckland Park Lake | The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development | Investing in rural areas
This project will provide facilities to encourage and support public access to a new 40 hectare countryside lake and park on the site of the former sand quarry at Buckland, Surrey. The facilities will include development of a new café and terrace and a new Outdoor Activity Centre, offering water sports and woodland play, nature trails and industrial heritage information.
It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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